Captain's Log
28 November 2000

Vertical Learning Curve

Today went really well. The Youth Crew seem to have acclimatised to the motion of the ship and although the sea is a little rough there are not too many cases of fish feeding – but the dolphins are still following us just in case.When we left Twofold Bay after lunch today we had some great weather for the setting and furling drills and the Youth Crew did a great job of tacking the ship twice and finished just in time for dinner. Their learning curve today has been nearly vertical and after the climbing aloft and knot tying overnight they are pretty tired after a busy night and day. Overall they are going really well.Tomorrow we should be well within Bass Strait just in time for a weather front to come through and give us some challenging sailing.Speak tomorrowAndrew Davis


37° 35' South / 150° 22'


Current situation at 1800: At sea 30 miles off Gabo Island. Sailing into Bass Strait on a beam reach. Wind northerly at 20 knots. Temp 17C.