Captain's Log
Voyage 19/23
9 December 2023

Day 5 – Beach Vibes (Jervis Bay)

Captain’s Youthies’ Log

Ahoy! The sun arose around the beautiful Jervis Bay this morning. The amazing Staffies safely and excellently anchored us here to prepare us for our adventure ahead. This morning we heard from all our favourites. Tomo, Trev, Captain Libby, and of course, Emma – the descendant of the man himself.

Today we had our beach day! While the day started with wind and rain, it soon cleared up and we all jumped in the sea boat to head ashore. Whilst ashore, we played on the beach, played electric piggy in the middle, had some lunch, reviewed our Full Value Contracts, Red Watch (GO RED WATCH !!!) visited some Wallabies, and we all did some relays which included – Dribbling balls, three legged races, and building sandcastles. As the unbiased author, Cael and Ramon killed the three-legged races!

After heading back to the ship, it was time for the Happiest Hour of the day!!! We all got to work cleaning the ship and after a quick break, Emma gave us all a meteorology brief featuring accurate to-scale drawings!

Ash and Nobby cooked up a fantastic BBQ for dinner. We brought up a big speaker, and all sat at midships eating our dinner listening to music then we also all got some ice cream.

Today was Rope Races on the Square Sails! Red Watch came through with an incredible victory, yet again.

The day ended with some Youthies taking a moment to journal, some deciding to do some mast climbing, and others enjoying a cuppa and some board games.

Overall, it was a fantastic day. Smiles (and sunburn) all round. Thanks to the Staffies for their amazing efforts yet again!


And now a word from our Youthies:

Ava – hey mum love you loads can’t wait to see you

Yo-Yo – I’m having so much fun aboard this ship!


Ethan – Miss you all at home

Harison ­– Missing you Joan x


35 07.7'S / 150 43.4'E


Partly Cloudy, S 15-20Kts