Captain's Log
Voyage 17/23
4 October 2023

Day 9 – Command Day!

Ahoy there! All Youthies to Midships! Welcome to the Captain’s Log for Day 9!

Overnight the Youthies attempted to keep their ears open, and eyes peeled on anchor watches in Port Stephens, and attempted to get as much sleep for the big Command Day! As this day approached just as fast as the wind did, the Youthies felt prepared and started their windy day to “Chicken Fried”.

Lead by Captain Brittany we smashed through several of the tasks, such as scrubbing the deck, creating a hammock that could hold all 24 Youthies, write a Captain’s Log :), teach the Staffies new skills, and conduct a dance off. These challenges required a lot of creativity, teamwork, and trust in each other. These challenges pushed us to our limits and a lot of blood, sweat and tears were scrubbed off the deck of the Young Endeavour.

However, with smashing these tasks problems do arise… Mother Nature being one of them. She had to have her say in our day and she clearly didn’t like how well we worked together. So, she decided to send (predicted) 40 knot winds and 4-5 metre swell our way. But we took this on the chin, rubbed the salt off our skin and carried on, excited to have another short and most certainly sweet night of anchorage watches.

Our amazing Chefos- Mads, Rachel and Eden created a 3rd mouth-watering meal for us so we could eat our feelings away with a great “Pub Feed” themed Dinner.

As we kept our anchorage and prepared for our watches, we reminisced of the times spent, and inside jokes made as we await to set sail for an adjusted Command Day (navigation version) and Community Day tomorrow.

Yours with kind and salty hearts,

Charlie and Will


32 41.4'S / 152 10.3'E


Cloudy, Wind N 30-35Kts, Swell N 1-2m