Captain's Log
Voyage 17/23
28 September 2023

Day 3 – Sea Legs Loading (setting and furling practice)

Ahoy there landlubbers and armchair sailors! Welcome to the Captain’s Log for day 3!

Over night our salty sea puppies in training got their first introduction to Watch on Deck. This means they were keeping us safe all night by steering at the helm, keeping a lookout and completing rounds, with many fighting seasickness valiantly to help out.

Sail Master Chucky woke us all to the tune of “Jitter Bug” which set a jovial tone for the morning. After a delicious breakky it was time to head up to the bridge for our first Morning Brief. The Morning Brief started with “The Plan for Today” with Chucky, some “Weather with Trevor” and then, “Getting Shipshape with Charlotte” where Watch Officer Charlotte shares some of her extensive nautical knowledge. It was a morning for firsts as we then got our first taste of Happy Hour!

All of a sudden it was time for lunch so we headed down to the café to see what Chef Ash and her Master Chefs Amelie, Kai and Ryan had cooked up for us today. It was another delightful spread of pasta bake, steak sandwiches and chicken kievs. Great work Cheffos!

Sail Master Chucky then took pity and allowed a quick siesta before we had to gather at midships for Round 1 of Rope Races with Engineer Nobby. For those not in the know, Rope Races are the competitive non-competitive way to learn the ship!
Afterwards we put the Staffies to work, setting and furling the Main and Fore Staysails as a demonstration before we headed off for some time to practice our setting and furling drills. Not only were we getting some good practice in, it was an excellent distraction from bumping and rolling of the massive waves hitting the forecastle.

By the time  dinner rolled around there were few survivors, with many opting for a sao and a view the horizon for tea over the yummy curries prepared by the Chefs.

Tonight we will be staying at sea as we proceed South so we can consolidate our newly acquired Watch on Deck skills. We might even get the chance to conduct a bit of navigation as well!

Well folks, that’s about all we have time for! Stay safe friends! Captain Libby+


29 33.5'S / 153 35.1'E


Cloudy, Wind SE 15-20 Kts, Swell SE 2m