Captain's Log
Voyage 17/23
27 September 2023

Day 2 – Ahoy Tangalooma!

Ahoy there landlubbers, armchair sailors and salty sea puppies in training. Welcome to the Captain’s Log for Day 2!

Day 2 dawned bright and beautiful over the striking sand dunes of Moreton Island. Our Youthies were woken to the sound of Sail Master Chucky’s best mer-person impression, singing to lure the Youthies on to the upper decks. Once on the uppers, the Youthies enjoyed some early morning sunshine and a quick Early Morning Activity.

It was then time to head below to explore the delights laid out for breakfast by Chef Ash and, to get ourselves ready for the day ahead.

There was no slow start to this morning, by 0800 everyone was back up on deck, harness in hand, for a comprehensive harness brief with Safety Guru Theresa. Once we were all familiar with the climbing system and fitted with our harnesses it was time for First Climbs! Whilst one watch climbed, the others rotated through Deck Safety and goal setting as individuals and as a Watch. I’m pleased to report that all our brave Youthies faced their fears and took the opportunity to lay aloft, with reported sightings of dugongs and turtles capping off their adventure.

All 24 pairs of feet back on deck, it was time for lunch and a much-needed cold water break. After lunch it was time for the Afternoon Brief (normally Morning Brief), where Chucky let us know the “Plan for Today”. With the warm weather, sunshine, and beautiful Tangalooma just metres away, Chucky had determined it was beach time! So, we jumped in our bathers (togs for my fellow Queenslanders) and headed ashore for a quick dip. Far too soon it was time to return to our new home, weigh anchor and depart Moreton Bay.

Before we’d even reached harbour limits a few of us were discovering the unexpected consequences of what Captain Libby has been calling “great sailing weather”. Hopefully we settle in properly soon!
Overnight we’re learning about Watch on Deck so spare a thought for us while you’re tucked up in bed tonight and we’re up keeping the ship safe at all hours!

Stay safe friends! Captain Libby+


26 55.7'S / 153 12.1'E


Sunny, Wind N 20-25Kts, Sell E 1.5-2m