Captain's Log
Voyage 16/23
8 September 2023

Day 5 – K’gari to Sea

Ahoy there landlubbers and armchair sailors! Welcome to the Captain’s Log for Day 5! We’re halfway already! Where did the time go??
Our Youthies have had some spectacular weather so far but now it’s time to put the progression of their shell backs to the test with some “roughers”! But I’ll let them tell you all about it. Take it away Blue-ies!
Captain Libby+

Ahoy there friends!

We are coming to you from the chart house, purging the land demons from our stomachs, and embracing the sea gods. This morning we awoke to a delicious barbeque breakfast on deck to the harmonious sounds of whales. Soon after, we weighed anchor, and headed out of the safe haven of Hervey Bay, left exposed to the ferocious winds and unrelenting waves. An exciting day of rotating tacking drills, rope races, and washing ensued. Watches were conducted throughout the course of the day, with some lucky enough to climb aboard the bow sprit to witness the dolphins frolicking in the bow breaks. So many beautiful whales were spotted, more frequently than ships, with most sentences interrupted by shouts of “WHALE!” followed by an immediate swarm of Youthies.

We’ve seen the watches develop amazing teamwork, with the setting and furling of sails requiring immense strength, coordination, and communication. We enjoyed some amazing tucker from the lovely Ash, only a shame to have bought it back up to feed the fishies. Rough seas have most of us questioning the effectiveness of our chosen sea sickness medication. Let’s just say happy hour isn’t going to be too happy tomorrow. Nevertheless, loving the experience, loving the people, loving the memories. We are currently on first watch, awaiting the mysterious arrival of the Bear Ex. What is it? We don’t know yet. When will they tell us? My guess is they probably won’t.

Hi to the Mum and Dads of all Youthies; we miss you, we love you, but we are also loving the experiences and lessons onboard.

Goodnight from Tayah, Freya, and Alana 🙂


24 16.4'S / 153 11.8'E


Rain/Cloud, Wind NE 20-25 Kts, Swell E 1-2m