Captain's Log
Voyage 16/23
7 September 2023

Day 4 – Whales Ho! (Ahoy K’gari Fraser Island)

Good Morning Buddy Bois, (ahoy!)

We are coming to you from Hervey Bay, after a calm night under sail from Lady Elliot Island. Our Whitie-Tighties kicked off the First watch, followed by the Blue Bottles on Guts watch and Reddies finishing up on Morning watch.
Sail Master Tomo kicked off the day blasting through the pipes “Here comes the sun” by the Beatles. After a hearty breakfast from Ash, the Youthies jumped straight into Happy Hour! Once everything was squeaky clean, we learned about how vessels communicate on the seas with Charlotte.

Rope races kicked the day up a gear, ensuring all Youthies were up to speed on the buntlines, sheets, and clewlines for the Square Sails. Sara followed this up with her favourite game, FLAG RACES! Using the maritime signal flags and teamwork within watches, we competed to raise and identify the flags the fastest. Red watch managed to set a Young Endeavour record with a time of 4 minutes and 27 seconds, but all watches showed off their true colours. The Youthies then headed below decks to prepare for the next activity… and they got lost in a MEGA game of uno.

After much deliberation and uncertainty, Tomo opened the pool for the first time of the voyage. The Youthies were psyched about venturing into the ocean, where we had spotted whales only moments before. Staffies got the rope swing out, letting Seb demonstrate the correct technique for a backflip! OoOhHHhH YEAHH!! Many Youthies dared to take the plunge off the bow sprit into the “icy waters” (according to Darwinite Tayah), and backflip–or mostly backflop–off the rope swing. Nicole demonstrated her world-renowned synchronised swimming techniques, of course, encouraging others to join the fun. We soon discovered the ocean wasn’t all hugs and kisses, but little bites and stings from the sea lice??

Dinner consisted of a wicked barbeque by Mick and Hutchy up on midships, featuring snags, chops, and skewers. De-lish! Rolling into the three-way chats, which included a hilarious game of charades. Going into Anchor Watches now, see you all tomorrow!

– Youthies Tayah and Sarah 🙂


24 58.4'S / 153 12.6'E


Sunny, Wind E 5-10Kts, Swell S 0.5m