Captain's Log
Voyage 16/23
14 September 2023

Day 11 – Farewell New Friends!

Ahoy there landlubbers and armchair sailors! Welcome to Captain’s Log for Day 11, the last day with our newest salty sea dogs.

Our freshly minted shellbacks enjoyed a night of rest alongside Dockside Marina in Brisbane overnight despite the thunderstorms overhead. Before long it was 0630 and Sail Master Tomo was piping wakey and ushering our sleepy Youthies up on deck. For Early Morning Activity today Tomo had everyone busting a move with some Young Endeavour style dance moves. “Shopping Trolley” move over! It’s time for “The Winch” and the “Forgotten Ascender”!

Once everyone was energised from a good daggy dance it was time for our last delicious offering from Chef Ash. It was then time for the Morning Brief where we farewelled our favourite characters and sang the Happy Hour song for the final time.

Before long it was time to lay aloft and “Man The Yards” in preparation for welcoming our friends and family back on board. We welcomed them all on board with an “Ahoy there!” and a bang then gave tours of our new home.

It was then time for presentations and final farewells but after all the certificates had been handed out, there was still one left… The Young Endeavour Award is normally presented to one youth crew member, signifying the ethos of the program, but on this voyage, we had a hard time choosing just one. It is my pleasure to announce Ben as the recipient of the Young Endeavour award this voyage!

A final group photo later and our Youthies were off again in search of their next adventure!

Thank you, Youthies of V16/23, we’ve had an awesome voyage with you all on board! We hope you’ve had just as much (if not more!) fun as we’ve had! We’ve seen beautiful islands and whales aplenty, we’ve braved the weather and challenged ourselves, made new friends and maybe, just maybe, we’ve learned some life lessons along the way.  And remember, “It’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” – Abraham Lincoln

Captain Libby+


27 28.3'S / 153 23.4'E


Mostly Clear, Wind SE 5-10Kts