Captain's Log
Voyage 15/23
22 August 2023

Day 7 – At Sea IVO Yeppoon

Ahoy there Shipmates!

[On ya Blueys!]

We started the day of strong at 4:00 for the guts watch before chowing down on eggs, bacon and hashbrowns for brekkie and an early morning tack. For our 9:00 brief we learned about ‘turning a blind eye’ and the epic crusade of Captain Nelson and the British battling the French. Then we sang the famous HAPPY HOUR SONG!

After happy hour  and our daily dose of sea shanties, we got sent off to watch leaders to consolidate our skills in preparation tomorrows test. Us blue watch focussed on setting and furling the main stay sail and topgallant sail.

Lunch was a delicious spread of steak (medium rare. Always), roast chicken, chips and salad, so yum. We had a quick round of ropies which we won with the final decider challenge…The egg toss. Then came the highlight of the day, going onto the bow sprit which felt like  ‘big drop’ carnival rides but even better as we were soon joined by  pod of dolphins, which were jumping beneath and beside us. This was such an unforgettable experience that we all got to share as a watch. Once we got down back onto the midships we had one more tack to complete before having a nap.

Next came trivia time, and a cheese platter made by Cylvie. There were 5 rounds covering geography, history, science, the sea and Tommo’s round (music). The blue watch smashed the geography and music round but unfortunately was beaten by the staffies, rigged! Mikey’s rendition of textbook on space to the tune of happy birthday wasn’t enough to pull through for the win.

We wrapped up the day with another amazing meal prepared by Cylvie consisting of roast pork, lamb, veggies and a Thai green curry , followed by a desert of ice cream and fruit. After dinner we had a quick nap before beginning our 8:00pm – 12:00 am watch. The oceans were a lot calmer today which has helped the sickies to finally have a good day, we are tracking well and hope to have a stop soon.

Zach-hi all enjoying the trip, managed to avoid sea sickness look forward to seeing you soon.

Mum, dad, Cal and Spikey- after a bit of a rough start I had the absolute best day yet, definitely worth it and I’m learning heaps! Cant wait to tell you all about it! , Love Freya xoxo

Thank you Freya and Zach for your excellent account of today.

Yours, Aye, Captain Mike


22 57.7' South / 151 15.5' East


Weather: fine, Wind: ESE at 17 knots, Temp: 22 deg. C, Sea: 1.0 m from ESE, Swell: 1.0 m from SE