Captain's Log
Voyage 15/23
22 August 2023

Day 4 – Magnetic Island to Sea

Ahoy there!

After a much better night’s sleep with anchor watches only 1hr 15 min shifts. We were woken up to a brisk walk around the ship to music played by Thomo. Morning activity before breakfast was ‘Evolution’ where we played paper-scissors-rock to win and evolve from plankton to dolphins and the winners were treated to a dance party.

Breakfast was eggs benedict and fruit from Chef Cylivie at 0700. First up after morning brief where we spoke about the plan for the day. We got ready to hug a tree with our first trip to land in Horseshoe Bay! Once ashore we treated ourselves to something from the local shops, including ice cream and cold drinks, before heading to the beach for a swim and ball games on the sand and in the water. We found our bodies were still rocking as if we were still at sea.

On the way back to Endeavour Matty took us around the back of the boat and showed us the detailing of all the Australian native flowers and Great Britain’s National flowers. Once back onboard it was time for lunch. We had a sandwich bar, homemade sausage rolls and pies.

After lunch we got ready to sail away from anchor with the winds behind us we had the opportunity to set the Topsail square sail. Once we departed the anchorage we travelled at 5 knots. The sails were set and controlled by all the Youthies, with each watch taking control of a specific sail. Round 2 of Ropies concluded with red still in the lead, blue now second and white tailing-in last.

After many questions from the Youthies we had our first Navigation lesson. Seb took us through the basics including, using Latitude and Longitude; or radar ranges and visual bearings which can be used together to find your location, using at least three position lines.

Due to an accidental tack the watches handed-in all sail. Dinner of Lasagne and hotdogs followed, but many skipped dinner due to the rough conditions. Night watches followed, back to a 4 hour rotated roster of steering, conducting rounds and keeping a lookout.

Tamara – Hi family and friends, hope you are all well. Miss you guys. Enjoying the voyage. Can’t wait to tell you about it!

Molly – Hi family, I’m still alive and having a great time. Looking forward to telling you about it.


19 03.7' South / 146 51.6' East


Weather: fine, Wind: East South Easterly at 10 knots, 22 deg. C, Sea: Nil, Swell: Nil