Captain's Log
Voyage 14/23
14 August 2023

Day 5 – Ahoy Low Island!

Ahoy! And welcome to the Captain’s Log for Day 5!

After a comfortable night at anchor, we woke to the smell of sizzling bacon. We headed up on deck for our usual Early Morning Activity only to find Engineers Shaun and Nobby were cooking up a sunrise barbeque breakfast! What a treat! Then, at Morning Brief we found out there was another treat in store… we were opening the Pool! Soon we were jumping off the bowsprit and swinging from the rope swing into warm (or cool depending on who you asked) tropical water.

Too soon it was time to weigh anchor and start to head south. Once we were under way Chucky got us all to gather at midships for a mysterious brief. Captain Libby was setting us a Captain’s Challenge! We were given a series of tasks to complete before we arrived in vicinity of Cairns. That meant we had just 4 hours to do tasks including: setting as many fore and aft sails as we could (and furling before we arrived), taking a photo of all the Youth Crew, drawing a mural of our voyage, choosing our own Master Chefs to help Ash with lunch and a special dinner and, conducting a Happy Hour to Sail Master’s standards! We jumped straight in with a quick pic on the forecastle then got ready to set sails.

Our 4 hours flew by and suddenly we were getting ready to go to anchor at False Cape just outside of Cairns. We gathered at midships once more to see how we had gone. I’m pleased to report that not only did we work together to get all the tasks completed in the allotted time, we managed to achieve the Captain Libby’s extra task… to have fun!

But the work wasn’t done just because we were at anchor! We were soon putting our harnesses back on in preparation to lay aloft to do harbour furls on the square sails. It was the perfect sunny afternoon to lay aloft with calm seas and barely a whisper of wind.

Once the ship was made ‘tiddly’ once more, Ash and her Master Chef helpers produced the goods with a special Pizza Night dinner! We then cleaned up and gathered to conduct presentations and reflect on our voyage before it was time to head to bed for the final time on board. Where had the time gone?!

See you tomorrow for our Community Day Sail! Captain Libby+


16 51.3'S / 145 52.0'E


Sunny, Wind SE 5-10Kts, Swell S 0.5m