Captain's Log
Voyage 14/22
5 December 2022

Day 3 – Deal Island Adventure

Ahoy there shipmates,

I am youthie Charly, bringing you today’s Captain’s Log.

This morning started with Red Watch’s rendition of ‘Another One Bites the Dust’ to wake all youthies and staffies at 0700. Following this, grill king Jarod delivered yet another beautiful breakfast, consumed by all on board alongside the view of our first land excursion, Deal Island.

STS Young Endeavour laid anchor in Deal Island’s bay and following a wide array of dad jokes from both staffies and youthies and a nav brief from Evan we released the sea boat, manned by watch leader Matty and sea mistress (sea mum) Emma, alongside various other staffies.

Once all were ashore, the group split in two with half on a geocaching mission with Emma and Phil and the other making time swimming in the pristine (and freezing) Tasmanian waters with Matty and TJ.

Following a trip back to the boat and a yummy lunch provided by Jarod and the master chef youthies, 3-way chat presentations commenced, the square sails were set, and the anchor was weighed, in preparation for a return back to mainland Australia (and plenty of seasickness.)

Watches commenced after dinner to conclude the night.

Shoutout to mum and dad – thank you for pushing me to do this, it has been a challenge unexpected, but one I am willing to face and beat because I am facing my fears everyday. Thinking of you always, I can’t wait to see you.

Goodnight and see you in 8 days,

Youthie Charly.