Captain's Log
Voyage 14/22
3 December 2022

Day 1 – Icebreakers and Mast Climbs

Ahoy there Shipmates,

Welcome to the Captain’s Log for Day 1 of Voyage 14/22, Geelong to Sydney.

The Youth Crew joined the Ship berthed on the Wave Attenuator Pontoon, adjacent the Royal Yacht Club of Geelong, Victoria. It was a beautiful sunny summer’s day with a breeze which freshened as the day progressed. The Youth Crew embarked the ship at 1500 and were welcomed by myself and the Staff Crew for the voyage, who included: Sail Mistress Emma, Navigator Evan, Watch Officer Phil, Engineers Sumo and Matt, Chef Jared, White Watch Leader Matty, Red Watch Leader TJ and Blue Watch Leader Shaun.

We departed Geelong at 1600 and conducted the passage to our overnight anchorage at Port Arlington. Along the way the Youth Crew undertook ‘Ice Breakers’ and Ship Tours. On completion of anchoring we had dinner and then launched into the harness and climbing briefs, before laying aloft to conduct First Climbs in our relatively sheltered anchorage.

Climbs were conducted efficiently, and I was pleased to see everyone successfully climbed to the Top Gallant Yard on their first attempt. This was completed by 2300 and the crew were sent to bed for a well-deserved rest.

The intention is to remain at anchor overnight and weigh anchor at 0915 and conduct the passage to ‘The Rip’, aiming to transit out into Bass Strait on the ebb tide at 1130 to commence our passage to the next planned anchorage at Deal Island.

Good night and stay safe.
Captain Mike Gough

📸 @Peter_Redmond71


38° 05 / 144° 39


At anchor Portalrington