Captain's Log
Voyage 13/23
8 August 2023

Day 9 – Command Day! (Part 2)

Ahoy there, welcome back as Command Day Part 2 commences!

With a slow start to the night, the Greenies (Codie as Watch Leader), took the First Watch maintaining all their duties with only 3 people. As strong as the team seemed though, all hands we required to set the Main Sail to produce enough power to kickstart the pretty lady {The Young Endeavour}. Even though Nash and others only gained 1 or 2 hours of sleep, they used their pure will power to dig deep and help the crew.

Before we knew it the Pinkies (lead by Amelia} were on deck heaving in on the furling line and rubbing away at their eyes whilst recovering from a rough night sleep. Whilst battling with fatigue, the Pinkies pushed through and ended their watch with a successful night.

After waking up the Goldies, Pinkies could finally rest (just kidding!). And if you thought the night was calm, Goldies {led by Sammi} emerged from their slumber to only face the refreshing touch of freezing rain and windy wind.
As the sun rose, all watches were called to the deck to furl the sails, and while the Cheffo’s were working hard cooking up a feast, all of a sudden we heard the pipe “dolphins port side!”. People rushed up the stairs to take in the magical sight of sea life. Ccacacaca (insert dolphin noises).

Later we all crowded around in the Café to successfully complete the task of singing the national anthem to wicked tunes.

As the end of Command Day drew upon us, the stress levels were sky high to reach our final destination! Long story short, we dug deep as a collective, and bonded like a family, whilst encountering many obstacles along the way. And, we successfully arrived at our destination with the ship still intact!!


With much love from Codie and Amelia!


16 56.4'S / 145 46.9'E


Partly Cloudy, Chance of Rain, Wind SE 10-15Kts, Swell SE 1-1.5m