Captain's Log
Voyage 13/23
6 August 2023

Day 7 – Ahoy Dunk Island!

Ahoy there landlubbers and armchair sailors! Welcome to the Captain’s Log for Day 7! It’s Captain Libby at the helm (keyboard) as our salty sea puppies have had a busy day!

Overnight our Youthies were busy conducting a teamwork challenge during their watches, which all completed successfully. Then, as the sun rose, we were woken by a bespoke rendition of “Sailin Home” (Let It Go) written and performed by our very own White watch. After a delicious hot breakky by Ash it was time for Morning Brief and Happy Hour! Then it was time to set some more sails so we could conduct Demonstrational Tacks.

Back up on deck for the afternoon, it was time for Captain’s Setting and Furling. This is where Engineer Shaun and I put each watch through their paces, setting and furling different sails to ensure they are all swept up on their sail handling and deck safety before Command Day. I’m pleased to report that all watches passed with flying colours!

With Captain’s Setting and Furling achieved, we quickly handed in sail so we could conduct the pilotage in to Dunk Island. We were all pleased to discover Nav Seb had picked the perfect anchorage, tucked away from the wind and swell that has been chasing us for days!

Up on deck in the sunshine I conducted the Command Day Brief, giving our Youthies some pointers and rules for their day ahead. Then… Command Day Elections! This is where the Youthies conduct their own election to choose their Command Team for the day. And I’m pleased to announce they made the following selections: Captain – Jaime, Sail Master – Ollie, Navigators – Caelen and Zoe, Watch Officer – Robbie, Watch Leaders – Amelia, Cody and Sami, and Chefs – Aden, Abi and Will!
Congratulations to all! I’m sure you’ll serve your fellow Youthies well as you all come together to take on Command Day!

Well folks, after such an action-packed day our Youthies have settled in for a showing of “Around Cape Horn” under the stars before bed and Anchor Watches.

Tune in tomorrow for Command Day Part 1! Captain Libby+


17 55.4'S / 146 08.4'E


Sunny, Wind SE 10-15Kts, Swell SE 0.5m