Captain's Log
Voyage 13/23
4 August 2023

Day 5 – Ahoy there Horseshoe Bay!

Ahoy there! Welcome to the Captain’s Log for Day 5! Where is the time going? We’re nearly halfway already! I hope you’re having just as much fun following along as our Youthies are having on board! Captain Libby+


We woke up today feeling very refreshed and a lot better than previous days. Dion got us all up on deck at 6:30 and we were all very excited for a shore visit on Magnetic Island.  Unfortunately Mother Nature had other plans…
As we wouldn’t be going ashore today the amazing Staffies set up a morning full of deck games. Before we could do any games though, we got to do Morning Brief and a Happy Hour!

Deck games lifted all our spirits, we did some skipping, a hula-hoop game and an awesome flag race. This was followed by a small dance party and a super tasty barbeque lunch cooked by the best chef on ship (or maybe the best in Australia!), Ash!

After a bit of down time, we all gathered on deck again to do the competitive/non-competitive rope races, at the end of rope races, we were given a bonus round! We were given 3 pieces of rope and a water bottle and were told to create a short performance piece using all these objects. But we also had to include a song/jingle. While all the performances were super funny, White watch won the bonus round!

We then had Captain Libby teach us about sails with her awesome drawings. After that we weighed anchor and left Horseshoe Bay. All watches helped set up sails so we could turn off the engines before dinner.

After dinner we had a very exciting tacking stations! The ship kept putting us on strange angles making people slip and slide, which in the moment it was a little bit frightening. But, after we had settled down and thought about it, some of us decided it was a great learning experience and a lot of fun! Sadly, tonight we go back to our 4-hour watches with White watch currently on the “First”.

Abi + Johnson + All the White Watch


18 36.8'S / 146 50.3'E


Partly Cloudy, Wind E-SE 20-30Kts, Swell SE 1.5-2m