Captain's Log
Voyage 13/23
2 August 2023

Day 3 – Whales Ho!

Ahoy there landlubbers and armchair sailors, welcome to the Captain’s Log for Day 3!

Overnight our salty sea pups did an amazing job keeping a lookout, steering the ship at the helm, setting and furling sails and conducting rounds. They’ve also done it while more than a few have been a bit sea sick, and all have been caught out at least once by the rain. Despite being soggy and a little green though, morale is still high!

We’ve had another action-packed day on board. Including White Watch being the first to enjoy a sunrise from the bowsprit and having three whales join us for a time just metres off the starboard side!

But don’t just take my word for it, our salty sea pups have been fighting me for the keyboard, eager to tell the story in their own words. And who am I to argue?! Take it away Will and Noah from Red watch! Captain Libby+


Good morning nautical, crusty, salty sea dogs, day 3 went by like a wave! We were awoken to the song ‘kung fu sailor’ performed by our Sail Master Dion and White watch! We have been heading south towards our destination of Magnetic Island. We also had our first round of Rope Races ending with Red watch in the lead, then Blue watch and White watch. We also had amazing meals made by our Chef Ash and her Master Chefs being Noah, Amelia and Jemima. We got a thorough navigation lesson from our trusty navigator Seb, who helped us learn the ropes of navigation.

All the watches have started to rotate through their nightly watches again tonight. We are hoping for all sailors to get back on their feet tomorrow, for we might get a chance to anchor and set foot on land once again!

Signing off, Will and Noah.


“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.” – Henry Ford


18 19.6'S / 146 29.5'E


Rain, Wind S-SE 25-30 Kts, Swell SE 1.5-2m