Captain's Log
Voyage 13/23
1 August 2023

Day 2 – Fitzroy Island to Sea!

Ahoy there landlubbers and armchair sailors, welcome to the Captain’s Log for Day 2!

Our newest shipmates were up with the sun and, after anchoring in the dark last night, many were delighted by the sight of Fitzroy Island just off the port bow!

Sail Master Dion led the Early Morning Activity before everyone headed back below for some breakfast and to get ready for the day. First up, getting to know our harnesses and safety for climbing aloft with Watch Leader Theresa. Then the moment we’ve all been waiting for… First Climbs! One watch at a time we braved the occasional tropical squall to lay aloft for the first time. And I’m very pleased to report all our Youthies braved their fears and climbed the foremast!

Once we were all down it was time for a scrumptious lunch made by Chef Ash and her Master Chefs Codie, Anita and Nash! With bellies full of Massaman Curry, Pasta Bake and Sandwich Bar creations we had a short break before heading up on deck for the Morning Brief (well… Afternoon Brief today). We were introduced to the usual segments including the “Plan for Today” with Sail Master Dion, Weather and Local Area Knowledge with Navigator Seb, and Salty Sea Tales with Watch Officers Tomo and Charlotte.

Safety Equipment expert Theresa gave us a comprehensive safety brief then finally, it was time for Happy Hour! No not that kind, the kind where we clean the ship to make sure we all stay happy and healthy during the voyage!

As the afternoon drew on it was time to weigh anchor and head out to sea so we could start putting our newly acquired sail handling and deck safety skills into practice. After a demo by the Staffies (despite the now very familiar tropical squall) there was just enough time before dinner for us to rotate through the watches to practice setting and furling the Main Staysail and Fore Staysail.

This evening our salty sea pups in training will be learning to keep the ship safe on the helm, keeping a lookout and completing rounds. Tune in tomorrow to see how they went over night!

Stay safe friends! Captain Libby+


17 07.0'S / 146 09.5'E


Partly Cloudy/Rain, Wind S-SE 20-25Kts, Swell SE 1-1.5m