Captain's Log
Voyage 13/22
20 November 2022

Day 6 – Strong Winds, Deck Games and Trivia

Day 6 in STS Young Endeavour!

Staffies put the ship in our capable hands again for anchor watches overnight. The Youthies had a good night sleep with the Anchor watches being an hour and a half long, then when dusk broke we were awoken at 0630 for a bit of exercise on deck.

Youth Crew cleaned the ship while the Staffies moved us closer in to the Cove to get more shelter with the hope of launching the seaboat for a visit ashore. Unfortunately, hectic winds were howling all day at a constant 25-30 knots, gusting to 45 knots at times. The safety of the crew is paramount so we were unable to launch the seaboat. Instead we found ways to have fun onboard… Eating being one on those ways, and Jarod never disappoints us with the best food ever from the Galley from Pork Chops to Choc Chip Muffins. We also played a few games throughout the day, which proved a sea worthy distraction from the heavy winds on the upper decks, including the occasional abrupt rain.

After another round of rope races, Youthies and Staff had yet another muster to the café. This time in order for us all to understand and learn about one another, an exercise called 3 way talks was performed. In groups of 3, one person from each watch would act as if they were one of the other members and tell us about themselves. Laughter as well as new information was shared throughout the room, which was quickly followed by Burgers for dinner.

After dinner was cleared away, Emma got our brains active with a game of competitive trivia. Red, white and blue watch and the staff crew tried to outdo each other with random facts and knowledge which was a fun and entertaining way to spend the evening. Then beyond the sun set, anchor watches resumed once again with everyone keeping their eyes and ears out to maintain the safety of the ship in these very windy conditions.

Written with love by Youthies Heath and Clay, on the STS Young Endeavour,

Ps. Heath and Clay would like to say Hi to our Family and Friends back Home, from the beautiful Sealers Cove on the Edge of the Bass Straight Victoria.


39 00 S / 39 00 S


Weather: Passing showers. Wind: W @ 25kts. Temp: 11. Swell: Nil.