Captain's Log
Voyage 13/22
18 November 2022

Day 4 – Entering Bass Strait

Ahoy there friends and family of Voyage 13/22.

Welcome back to another addition of the Captains Log! Throughout the darkness of the night, we worked hard to maintain the continuation of this noble voyage.

Many trips were made to the upper decks throughout the evening to feed the fish.

Dawn broke with the rough sea and howling winds, with many youthies bashing their noggins on the bulkheads and almost falling out of bed. We began our day with another engaging brief where we learned about whales and nautical tales. Thus, we commenced the happiest hour of the day, where we made the inner ship shine!

Jarod, our chef, never failed to provide 5-star cuisine, such as salmon and duck, along with dessert such as apple pie and orange cake.

The crew also continued to expand our knowledge in areas such as meteorology, rules of the road, elaborate sail theory and navigation.

The rope races steamed ahead and proved that teams were neck and neck, with much passion fuelling competition being displayed on the deck.

Many youthies had the opportunity to climb aloft whilst at sea, which is no easy feat. Though with the wind in our face, the gentle sea spray and the impressive wildlife, even the most daunting tasks proved to be worth every moment. As the day settled down, so did the sea, and at that point it dawned on many youthies that the strong bonds which we have created, have been forged through the hardships of adapting to life at sea. As the proverb states: ships in harbour learn no lessons.

Although all of this new information still seems impossible to learn there is no doubt that practice will make perfect.

As dusk sets in, STS Young Endeavour is set to pass Cape Howe on the NSW/VIC border.

Ben and Woodsy

PS: Shout out to the youth crew of voyage 15/21, the dolphin striker is working well

PPS: A massive shoutout to all the family and friends of V13/22, and from the authors, a shoutout to our mums, Kelly and Julie.