Captain's Log
Voyage 13/22
16 November 2022

Day 2 – Jervis Bay stopover

Ahoy there dear readers, day 2 found us motorsailing down the south coast past Wollongong and Kiama overnight and into Jervis Bay at 0630 proceeding to anchor in the southern end of the bay at 0715. Quite a lovely, flat spot after such a lumpy ride south.

Youth Crew were able to get a good rest however and they commenced their day with breakfast and then sat down with the Sail Master and myself for a download on what’s expected and the best ways to maximise their time onboard. Then it was all hands on deck with harnesses where Bobby, our resident safety equipment specialist, gave a harness and climbing safety brief. Once all were familiar with their harnesses, and procedures, our young sea puppies then commenced their ascent 30m up the foremast for the first time, over the topgallant yard and down the other side. This was quite a challenge for most, as I’m sure you can understand, and I was a happy and proud Captain seeing the effort put in and willingness to push through their fears and give it a red hot crack. Well done Youth Crew!

They lay below in time for a smashing lunch and a chill, before Matty the Sail Master was cracking his whip again. Next was time for cleaning stations (aka Happy Hour) then back up on deck for seamanship training with their Watch Leaders. After a couple of hours practicing, Sumo the Engineer took charge for Rope Races, a friendly, competitive activity between the watches, designed for everyone to have a bit of fun and learn the ropes. Jarod had cooked up another feast and thus dinner was served at 1715, before hands donned their togs as the gracious Sail Master opened the pool for a wee splash. What fun!

Youth Crew will turn-to watches overnight to consolidate sail handling and climbing skills and to learn about watch-on-deck responsibilities, such as helm, lookout and rounds routines. An action packed day and I know all of us will sleep well tonight. Intention is to remain at anchor overnight, weighing at 0800 and proceeding further south.

Yours Aye, Captain Adam Charlie Farley+


35.07 S / 150.44 E


Weather: Partly cloudy. Wind SW @ 5kts. Swell: Nil. Temp: 13.