Captain's Log
Voyage 13/22
24 November 2022

Day 10 – The Rip and our final destination

Ahoy there dear readers, this is the final night of the voyage and we can finally take a collective breath and relax our white-knuckle grip on the ship, as we have come safely to anchor in Corio Bay… in calm and benign waters once again. We remained at sea overnight continuing Command Day, motorsailing NW towards the famous Rip and here’s Youth Captain Felix with a final wrap up:

2-6 Hey!
Youthie Captain Felix here to wrap up Part 2 of Command Day and what a day it was. Some expert navigation by our duo-team of Rish and Stephanie, accurate calls by our sailmaster Claire, and a dash of good vibes put out by yours truly, our young crew made it successfully through 50kt winds through the Bass Strait and on to Port Phillip Bay, catching the incoming tide right on time and cruising into the aforementioned bay without a hitch! With a job well done our Youthie Chef Dayna served a wonderous meal just before handover time back to the Staff Crew. A night of songs and celebrations has ensued and- oh! Time for me to head back to the dance floor! – Felix.

Youthie Quote: “It’s a beautiful bridge and it’s going to be there.” – Kelly’s Heroes, Oddball

And so handover was conducted at 1300 just before entering the Rip and proceeding up the Western Channel. Youth Crew were given an opportunity for a wee siesta before re-grouping to debrief the Command Day activity and then once more with their Watch Leaders for End of Voyage debrief. We entered Corio Bay and came to anchor at 1730. Jarod had whipped up a pizza storm down below and so we all enjoyed a lovely view and chill with pizzas on deck. Marvelous. Then to round out the night, a final recapping of the voyage in the form of a photographic slide show and a bit of a dance party to celebrate Clay’s birthday. Happy Birthday shipmate. Well, that’s that. 10 Days ago 24 youth crew from places various, came together to sail this vessel, have fun and challenge themselves. They have not only done that, but have faced and overcome fears and learnt a lot about themselves and each other along the way. Tomorrow they will leave with new skills, improved persistence, resilience and adaptability, as well as generally knowing they are more capable than what they probably thought. And of course, having made great new friends – some, friends for life. What a fantastic job we have. Yes, we know. Yours Aye, Captain Adam Charlie Farley+