Captain's Log
Voyage 13/22
15 November 2022

Day 1 – Ahoy shipmates

 Ahoy there shipmates and armchair sailors, welcome to Captain’s Log for Voyage 13/22, Sydney to Geelong.

We met the lovely youth crew for this voyage at Sub Base Platypus in Neutral Bay, today and they seemed like a fantastic bunch. 24 youths from places various, embarked at 1500 and after stowing their kit bags below deck, I made a welcome address and then introduced my skilled and experienced staff crew for this voyage… Namely: Sail Master – Matty. Navigator – Tori. Boats Officer – Emma. Red Watch Leader – TJ. White Watch Leader – Bobby. Blue Watch Leader – Christine. Chef – Jarod. Engineers – Sumo and Jimmy, and Voyage Doctor – Michael.

The ship then departed at 1600 and during the transit through Port Jackson, the ships safety and survival equipment expert, Bobby, gave a brief on all things safety related then Watch Leaders kicked off ice breakers and ships’ tours. We then departed Port Jackson and shaped a course south for Jervis Bay. Jarod knocked up a beautiful lasagne for dinner and we enjoyed a gorgeous sunset with the wind in our hair and a wee bit of salt spray over the bow.

It’s been a massive day for everyone, involving lots of travel for some and it’s going to be an even bigger day tomorrow, so our wonderful young crew turned in for a good nights sleep. Intention is to transit south overnight, entering Jervis Bay in the forenoon to conduct first climbs and begin seamanship training. The adventure has begun… It’s going to be a fantastic voyage, I can feel it in my (salt) waters ;). Good night and stay safe. Captain Adam Charlie Farley+