Captain's Log
Voyage 12/23
25 July 2023

Day 8 – Command Day

Ahoy there family and friends,

We have made it to day 8 and the time is flying by (or sailing in our case!) This morning we woke up well rested (how good are anchor watches!) near the beautiful Dunk Island. After a delicious breakfast prepared by our favourite nautical chef and the happiest hour of the day, we set off to explore the island.

While the island was beautiful and spirits high, there was a nervousness among the youth crew in anticipation for Command Day set to begin at 1pm that afternoon. Command Day is a Young Endeavour tradition designed to put the previous 7 days of experiences to the test. The Youthies take control of the ship for a period of 24 hours with the objective of navigating and sailing the ship to a set location. Youthies take over each of the key command positions on the ship including Captain, Sail Master, Navigator, Watch Officer, Watch Leaders and Chefs and are set a number of additional tasks including keeping watches, conducting rounds and organising challenges for the staff.

With command positions elected, us Youthies were ready to rise to the challenge. Handovers were conducted between Staffies and Youthies to ensure the command positions had all the information they needed to successfully complete the challenge. Finally, it was time to take over the ship and give the staffies a much-needed break (happy holidays all!)

Our first challenge arose quickly when it became apparent that the coordinates, we needed to actually navigate our course were not going to just be handed to us… we had been swindled under the rouse of a relaxing shore visit to Dunk Island. We immediately elected six brave Youthies to row to the shores of Dunk Island to undertake a treasure hunt on the beach for the all important coordinates. Our explorers returned victorious having retrieved the treasure and were welcomed back on board the ship with some celebratory fairy bread prepared by our wonderful youthy chefs. Finally, after a delicious dinner, we were ready to set the course and sail through the night.

As the evening rolls in our fearless Youthy leaders are working hard to keep the ship on course and running smoothly, and I find myself reflecting on a piece of advice given to our Navigator Trav by an old fisherman in Mackay – As long as you keep the land on your left and the reef on your right, you’ll make it to Cairns eventually.

Wish us luck!

Amelia – Dad, you wouldn’t believe it, but I haven’t chucked once! Clarky would be proud. Love you all xx

Monty – To Mum, Dad and Daisy – plan is going well. I have successfully gained the trust of the gullible Aussies enough for them to elect me as their leader. They have no idea that I am in fact British – my accent is now perfected; complete with local dialect such as ‘ranga’ and ‘eshay’. Wish me luck in my master plan to remain as Captain of The Young Endeavour permanently.


17 47.6 S / 146 12.0 E 


Currently located 14nm to the north of Dunk Island sailing down wind under 3 Squares and enjoying light - moderate 5-10kt SSE winds which are expected to freshen to 15-20kts later this evening with a .5m swell.