Captain's Log
Voyage 12/23
18 July 2023

Day 1 – Voyage 12-23 Underway

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to Young Endeavour’s twelfth voyage for 2023. This voyage will see us sail from Mackay to Cairns which will give us the chance to sail and explore some of the spectacular Far North Queensland Coast. We have again put together another great Staff Crew for this voyage who I know will take great care of our new Youth Crew ensuring that they all have a memorable adventure.

The Young Endeavour Staff Crew for this voyage are as follows:

Captain – Gav

Sail Master – Thommo

Navigator – Trevor

Watch Officer – Phil

Red Watch Leader – Sara

White Watch Leader – Matty

Blue Watch Leader – Hutchy

Chef – Ash

Engineer – Hitchy

The voyage commenced at 1500 today when our new Youth Crew joined Young Endeavour berthed alongside at the Mackay Marina Mega-Berth. Once we had everyone on board we mustered our new Youth Crew on deck where I gave my welcome address followed by Staff Crew introductions. On completion we farewelled family and friends then got straight into some ‘ice breaker activities, ships tours then Captains and Sail Master Chats. Dinner followed with Chef Ash amazing us with a magnificent dinner consisting of Chicken Kiev’s, Individual Pies, Ricotta & Spinach Ravioli, numerous vegetables and a wonderful selection of deserts.

With our stomachs well and truly full we again mustered back on deck at 1815 where Sail Master Thommo gave a harness brief then with a little trepidation and a lot of courage all of the Youth Crew undertook their first climb of the foremast.

The time is now 2130 and I am pleased to announce that all of the Youth Crew have successfully made it to the topgallant yard (highest yard) and are now safely back on deck which is a fantastic start to the voyage.

It has been an action packed day which will continue tomorrow so it is time for all of us to get some well-deserved sleep.


Until tomorrow, take care.

Yours aye,

Captain Gav


21 06. 6 S / 149 13.5 E


Currently alongside at the Mackay Marina and experiencing moderate 10-15kt SE winds with nil swell.