Captain's Log
Voyage 12/22
30 September 2022

Day 7 – Ashore to explore Ku-ring-gai

Ahoy dear readers, day 7 of our adventurous voyage found us anchored in Flint and Steel Bay in the vicinity of Hungry Beach. A lovely little spot in the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, just around the corner from Summer Bay 😉

And although the weather has been less than summery, that did not deter some of our young sea-puppies from scaling the foremast, in the rain, for a cheeky sunrise climb. Believe it! Tough as nails that lot! The rest of us woke up at 0645 to breakfast, shower then the colours ceremony was conducted at 0800, followed by morning brief.

Dion laid out the plan then cracked the whip and into cleaning stations we all went. At 0900 the ship weighed anchor and we commenced setting sails and conducted Demonstrational Tacks in the Bay. Demonstrational Tacks is the final puzzle piece in terms of preparing youth crew for tomorrows Command Day. Several members of each watch would visit the bridge and get a front row tutorial on how to tack this fine vessel, with running commentary from yours truly. We tacked back and forth several times so all members had a look and gained an appreciation of what’s required.

Then it was time for sail handling validation, whereby myself and Sumo put each watch through their paces to ensure they can set and furl sails competently and safely on their own. They all passed with flying colours ladies and gents, I’m sure you’re glad to hear. We’ve prepared them as best we can and I’m positive it will be a successful Command Day.

We returned to anchor and sent the youth crew ashore to explore Hungry Beach and stretch their legs, which after 7 days at sea, was much needed. Back in time for dinner, I then gave the Command Day brief to explain what to expect and the positions available, in order to take charge of this beautiful brigantine for 24 hours.

After an amicable and democratic voting process, it gives me great pleasure to announce the following elected youth crew positions for this voyage… they are: Captain – Charlie (junior), Sailmaster – Nisha, Navigator – Cady, Watch Officer – Nova, Chefs: Gemma, Michelle and Sol, Watch Leaders: Tae, Eamonn and Alice.

Congratulations you lot, I’m sure you’ll serve the rest of your youth crew admirably. And with much excitement in the air, we put our favourite video on and cranked out the popcorn. The ship will remain at anchor at Hungry Beach overnight and commence Command Day tomorrow morning at 1000.

Stay tuned tomorrow night to see how our salty sea-dogs fare. I wish them godspeed.

Yours Aye,

Captain Adam Charlie Farley+