Captain's Log
Voyage 12/22
29 September 2022

Day 6 – Broken Bay

2, 6, Heyyyyyyy!!!

The youthies were up an’ at em’ in the freeeezing cold, well before the sun woke up. We set the storm jib and trysail without the help of the staffies, starting to transition to youthies in charge in anticipation for command day in less than 48 hours! From what we’ve been told all the watches smashed it (and obviously white watch did it the fastest)! Blue watch was in charge of Wakey Wakey, reminding us to “Celebrate good times (come on!)”, setting a great tone for the day.

But it wasn’t all smooth sailing today. The wind picked up to a huge 30 knots at one point and youthies were slipping, sliding and spewing throughout the day. When “it’s raining met”, was angelically sung by Emma over the pipes, those who could bear the rocky ride convened in the café to listen to an insightful lesson on high and low pressure systems (meteorology brief).

However, nothing thrown at us could bring the spirits down. Greeted by whales and a spectacular dolphin show, the watches powered through, singing and dancing (and some having daytime naps) to some great tunes including Like a Prayer, YMCA, and Dancing Queen!

After braving the stormy seas, we finally anchored in the picturesque Broken Bay. However, the weather was still dreary, so we headed back to the Café for a lesson on Morse code and flags from T.J. The pouring rain put our BBQ plans on hold, but the show had to go on with Ash and the junior master chefs putting out a charcuterie spread and sizzled snags. We finished off the night practicing setting and furling the sails without our watch leaders’ help, for the Captain’s critique tomorrow.

We hope that we can go ashore tomorrow, but we are SHORE it will be a turtle-tastic day!

From your favourite salty sea dogs,

Nisha (a.k.a. Codsta), Ellie (a.k.a. Chomps) and Michelle (a.k.a. Groova)

P.S Hey to all my fans back home, miss you guys (especially my baby boy Zeus). Lots of love from Nisha <3

Shoutout to mum and dad back at home, can’t wait to share all the stories from sea, miss you guys! – Ellie

Having the best time, dancing too much and even saw a turtle!! SEA you soon, mum, dad, clare and rachel! – shelly


What did one ocean say to the other ocean?

Nothing. It just waved!