Captain's Log
Voyage 12/22
28 September 2022

Day 5 – Into the Tasman Sea

Wednesday the 28th ‘hump day’, white watch serenaded the crew with their remastered version of high school musical’s ‘breaking free’ AKA ‘sailing free’ to start the day. Spirits were high as the seasickness scale was rated no more than a two out of ten and many of the youth crew getting a good night’s sleep.

With youthies coming off early morning watches and some still getting out of bed, chefo Ash spoilt us with a delicious gourmet breakfast including waffles, pastries, strudels and fruit salad. Once breakfast had concluded, the morning brief began with our very talented navigator Emma, teaching us about the cold front moving up from the south and Christine’s tale of where the nautical term ‘shit’ originates from (store high in transit).

As we are halfway through the voyage, we took time to reflect with our watches the group and individual goals we have achieved/plan to achieve. After this, youthies were able to have some chillax time and had an opportunity to get on top of their washing all before the stormy weather set in.

The third round of rope races took place once the rain cleared up, challenging the watches on their knowledge of bracing the yards and main sails. As a bonus round of rope races, Sumo challenged the watches to a Zooper Dooper race, determining which watch could scoff down Zooper Doopers the quickest with white watch stealing the win.

After this, to work on the youthies tacking and wearing skills, their usual tacking stations were rotated, giving them a taste of all the components essential for tacking and wearing. Being hump day, it was only fitting to see a mumma and baby whale putting on a show for the crew as well as a pod of dolphins gliding alongside the ship.

We are now looking forward to tomorrow’s plans that hopefully entail Captain Cook of the sea boat (Emma), taking us ashore at Broken Bay.

Signing off –

Spud (Kate) and Swampy (Dekota)