Captain's Log
Voyage 11/23
10 July 2023

Day 7 – The voyage north continues!

Our 7th day of the voyage started after the three Watches had to complete a special challenge on their overnight watches. It seemed easy at first, but it came with a twist and forced the Youthies to put their leadership skills to the test. After coming together to discuss what makes a good and bad leader, a team leader was elected and had to guide their team successfully. It came with more challenges than we expected but we came out of it with better teamwork and a higher understanding of each other strengths and weaknesses ahead of Command Day.

As White Watch came down from their sunrise climb and Blue and Red Watches awoke from their slumber, we maintained our morning rituals of a delicious breakfast from Haydo then wise words from the Staffies in the Morning Brief. After Happy Hour, we were given some time to tackle life admin between setting sails to prepare for the busy days ahead!

After Lunch, the Watches met for their daily ‘Ropies’ competition which included an amusing bonus round involving singing, dancing, gaskets and a water bottle. We won’t give away all the secrets of the voyage but as always, the competition was fierce with White Watch just in the lead with one round to go. Stay tuned to see which watch comes out on top!

Next, we explored Demonstrational Tacking where the Youthies learnt how to tack the ship using wind and correct sails to our advantage. We were split into groups of six with two from each watch heading to the bridge to understand the theory behind tacking the ship. This included the “rule of 3s”. We needed at least 3 knots of speed, starting the tack at an angle of 30 degrees to the wind, and having a minimum of 3 people on the bridge (the Captain, Sail Master, Navigator).

After a Reflection Activity with Chucky, we were given time to finish our washing or relax watching another beautiful sunset. White Watch got to enjoy the Sunset from the Bow but unfortunately no sunset dolphins today.

As the stars start shining, we reflect on the passing day and wonder what tomorrow brings us!

By Nyasha and Jesse


22 09.0'S / 150 54.6'E


Partly Cloudy, Wind SE 5-10Kts, Swell SE 0.5-1m