Captain's Log
Voyage 11/23
14 July 2023

Day 11 – Fare thee well!

Ahoy landlubbers, armchair sailors and of course, our newly minted shellbacks! Today we farewelled our newest salty sea dogs but before I get ahead of myself allow me to start at the beginning!

Day 11 dawned, a little cloudy and very windy, but nothing could dampen the spirits of our Youthies. We weighed anchor and commenced the short transit north to the Mackay Marina, waking the youthies from their first full night of slumber. A final delicious Haydo breakfast later it was time for Morning Brief. Whilst Sail Master Chucky, Nav Seb and the Salty Sea Dog himself, Matty, gave their final insights, Mother Nature wasn’t quite done yet. Our Youthies were delighted with not one, but two close encounters with whales surfacing just meters from the ship.

All too soon it was time to man the yards and come alongside. We welcomed our family and friends on board, and proudly showed them around our new home. Thankfully Mackay blessed us with the sunny weather we missed on day one, so we mustered on deck for our final farewells. I welcomed everyone back on board and gave a short recap of the adventures we’ve had over the last 11 days. After the presentations and farewells there were two certificates remaining. The Young Endeavour award is normally presented to one youth crew member, signifying the ethos of the program, but on this voyage, we had a hard time choosing just one. It is my pleasure to announce Grace and Cooper as the recipients of the Young Endeavour award this voyage!
A group photo and many hugs and tears later and our Youthies were off again in search of their next adventure!

Well, that’s all folks! We’ve taken many photos, and we’ll have many more memories. We’ve learned to sail, we’ve made some friends, and maybe, just maybe we’ve learned some life lessons along the way. Thank you voyage 11/23, we hope you had an amazing time!

We’re going to have a well-deserved break before getting right back at it very soon! Stay safe friends! Captain Libby+


21 11.0'S / 149 22.5'E


Mostly Clear, Wind SE 15-25Kts