Captain's Log
Voyage 11/23
13 July 2023

Day 10 – Ahoy Mackay! (Command Day Part2)

Ahoy there to the people on stable land who don’t fall out of the shower when showering!

Rough seas, roaring winds, but that’s okay because we are salty sea dogs now – woof!

The morning started off with many Youthies feeling the effects of the sleepless night as we were thrown around in our racks overnight. Despite this, we survived the night and having successfully met all 5 waypoints overnight we were forced to hand the keys back to Captain Libby at 1000.

All in all, it was a successful Command Day. We had a nautical day. Forgetting the time we nearly ran aground at Skull Rock, Nav was on point. Shoutout to Sky Watch for staying within a nautical mile of Anthony’s ‘line of perfection’.

After a wet and windy reception with Mackay on the horizon White Watch took the win after our final round of Ropies! White watch won with a whopping 37 points – Whoopiedoo! And we spent the evening eating pizza and reflecting on all the good times we have had as a crew. I think we all agree we will be sad to say goodbye to the vessel that has been our home for the past 10 days and our fellow Youthies that have become our family…but being able to have a metre of space to ourselves will be welcomed with open arms!

I think we are all tired, but this truly has been the adventure of a lifetime. Heading onwards to our next endeavours!

Signing out a final time,

Youthies of V11/23

Ella – To Ollie the Lollie, I love you lots and can’t wait to see you again xoxoxo, and Freya- thanks for taking care of Ollie and being there when I need you. Xoxo


I think they left out two of my highlights from Command Day… Our Youthie Navi-gurus had us speeding along at over 7kts at one point! And they managed to organise a whale show just metres from the boat during their Morning Brief. What a great Command Day! Hopefully our excited Youthies can catch a bit of sleep overnight with our arrival in Mackay just hours away! Stay safe friends, we’ll see some of you soon! Captain Libby+


21 09.0'S / 149 14.4'E


Cloudy, Wind SE 15-20Kts, Swell SE 1m