Captain's Log
Voyage 10/23
25 June 2023

Day 6 – Ahoy Mooloolaba! (A Swift Trip North)

Welcome to New York! Just kidding, welcome to Mooloolaba! Like a magical spell was cast, we woke up enchanted in the great state of Queensland with a gorgeous view of the Glasshouse Mountains. Last night we needed a cardigan outside, but when we woke today it felt like a cruel summer.

After a night under the Mirrorball of stars, completing a secret challenge which saw us Youthies setting up the storm jib solo, we were more than ready for the king of our hearts, Haydo, to make a delicious breakfast. Our morning briefing was tied together with a smile from the staffies, including a tale from Chuckie beyond our wildest dreams. The Happy Hour that ensued cemented our reputation as the clean crew of Young Endeavour. White watch then took over the helm, saying goodbye to red and moving into a new era. With some beautiful weather, a fearless group of Youthies (including these writers) went what felt like fifteen meters up to the course yard to furl the sail surrounded by white horses. Karma soon rewarded their bravery in style with a whale spectacular including some Hey Willy-esque backflips.

Although Red was all too well ahead “I know places”, said the mastermind Shaun, “where a gold rush of points can be found.” In a shock triumph by the blue and white watches (red being notably exempt from this list), the treacherous point gap between teams closed, forming a delicate balance. In a never-before-seen bonus round, Youthies were tasked with a Zooper Dooper relay. Tacking stations followed in what remained of the daylight.

The mid-voyage chats hit different, as the evening afterglow saw our arrival at Mooloolaba. Blue watch were the lucky ones to be called first for Haydo’s ever-incredible dinner. As we continued the great war against the heat, anchor watches began under the starlight, and tired heads remembered what might well have been the best day of the voyage so far.

Thank you for staying with the story of us, dear reader. Next chapter…

From Captain Libby: Thank you to Jono and Claudia for tonight’s Captain’s Log! I have a suspicion our authors this evening might be Swifties (Taylor Swift fans). Until next time! +


26 40.5'S / 153 07.6'E


Sunny, Wind WNW 10-15Kt, Swell SE 0.5-1m