Captain's Log
Voyage 09/23
15 June 2023

Day 4 – Command Day

Ahoy family, friends and all land loving readers! Captain Darcy coming to you off the coast of Broken Bay. Today has presented us with our fair share of challenging situations, both physical and mental, as the youth crew have taken command of STS Young Endeavour as we sail toward our final destination of Newcastle. While the wind may not be working entirely in our favor, and the seas are starting to stir, our ambition and determination are undaunted and we have high hopes of completing all required tasks and reaching all allocated waypoints by 0800 tomorrow morning. I now hand over to Sailmaster Lachie to give you more detail on the days development.

The beautiful sunrise over Broken Bay provided us with a fabulous wakey-wakey as the youthies hopped up on deck to capture and watch the glow on the horizon rise. We had a delicious breakfast thanks to Ash’s amazing cooking before the one and only Captain Adam Charlie Farley gave the command day brief. He described the intention of command day, to further develop all the qualities and skills that were learnt, as well as challenging ourselves as a team through a task list which we needed to do our best to complete. Next up, we turned to elections, and after a smooth election process, the following positions were elected:

Captain: Darcy
Sailmaster: Lachie
Navigators: Javiera and Issy
Watch Officer: Sarah
Chefs: Rachel and AJ
Watch Leaders: Jake, Garry and Lily.

We then were handed the ship and all that comes with, and cracked on with the tasks straight away. Everyone was straight to work as we worked on navigation instructions, charting a course for Newcastle, while others created a mural and came up with some tasks for future youthies to do. After an amazing lunch from our chefs, we weighed anchor and headed out to the open water. The staffies officially handed the ship to us and the engines were turned off as we headed for point ‘A’ before reaching it quickly and moving onto point ‘B’. The afternoon was filled with sail changes, sunset climbs, whales and dolphins coming to say hello and of course some well-needed afternoon tea in the form of scones. We thought nothing could get better, but no. A beautiful rendition of the super mario bros theme came over the pipes and we were pleasantly greeted by our super mario themed dinner of pizzas up on deck. After dinner, we settled into night watches, heading towards point B. Currently as I am writing this CLOG we have just hit point B and now on our way up to point C overnight. I’m sure the command team can back me up when I say this command day has run as smoothly as we could have thought and there is no one else to thank for that than the whole crew without which the boat would not be going anywhere. I am certain that the current positive vibes will continue through till the morning. That is all for tonight and I look forward to crushing these waypoints overnight and sailing into Newcastle tomorrow as a happy, probably very tired crew.

From Liam – To Antonia, Mum, Dad and Dukey, Aunty Lisa, and Nan and Pop – I’ve had a great day. We saw some dolphins and whales, I climbed aloft, manned the helm and saw a beautiful sunset from the bowsprit. Can’t wait to tell you all about my trip and looking forward to seeing you soon.

From Jake – To all my friends and family back home, love you very much, see ya soon (: