Captain's Log
Voyage 08/23
12 April 2023

Day 2 – Tasman Sea-legs

Ahoy there dear readers, the morning of day 2 found us snuggly anchored up in Hunters Bay enjoying a lovely, peaceful night until … The Sailmasters blaring wakey wakey at 0630! Strewth!!  All hands were called on deck for an early morning activity. At least there was a gorgeous sunrise… And smiling youth crew 🙂

Breakfast and morning ablutions were next before morning brief at 0800. Theresa, our safety equipment expert, then gave the Harness and Safety Aloft brief and up the foremast they went. Not everyone made it to the top but I don’t really care about that folks… What I do care about was their willingness to confront their fears and have a go. Needless to say I was a very proud Captain indeed. It was also during this time that they commenced their seamanship training.

Lunch was next on the agenda where Ash outdid herself as usual, followed by Theresa, who was once again centre stage as she delivered a more thorough safety and survival equipment briefing and tour of the ships gear and gadgetry.

Staff Crew then weighed anchor and we departed the harbour, slipping out into the wild blue yonder aka the Tasman Sea. Sail handling drills commenced in earnest and by 1700 everyone was pooped from heaving and hauling and so our benevolent Sailmaster sent everyone away for dinner and then Full Value Contracts were completed before youthies were knocked off for the day… unless of course, they were on watch. Watch-on-deck duties will be conducted overnight in 4 hour shifts, consisting of helm, lookout and rounds duties. They will also consolidate sail handling and climbing skills overnight, as we proceed along our navigation track for Jervis Bay. Intend entering the bay and finding a southern anchorage during the forenoon.

Until next time, stay safe everyone. Yours Aye, Captain Adam Charlie Farley+



34 19 S / 151 08 E


Weather: Overcast and drizzly. Wind: Light and variable. Swell: S @ 1m. Temp: 17