Captain's Log
Voyage 07/23
3 April 2023

Day 8 – Command Day Part 1

*elbows up high to a near 180 angle* Aargh, ahoy there! I like the cut of your jib!

The long awaited Command Day has arrived! After our (ex) Sailmaster Evan serenaded us with some Coldplay to start the day, all youthies came to deck to take in the beautiful sights of Broken Bay. A highlight of today’s morning briefing was Advance Australia Fair to the tune of Amazing Grace, and Tommo finally being taken up on his non-mystery box offer – we hope Nourah enjoyed her crisp hi-5 from all staffies.

After the youthie command team had a chance to pick the brains of their wonderful staffie opposites, Captain Chris donned his tricorn captain hat and oldschool telescope and the youthies took charge of the ship. While the youthie command team of Captain Chris, Sailmaster Jenna, Navigator Ari and Watch Officer Cooper put their heads together to get Young Endeavour underway, the staffies celebrated the beginning of their with day off with holiday attire and a dive into the jellyfish-infested waters of Broken Bay.

Our first tasks were to get a snap of all youthies laying aloft on the foremast and drawing a mural on the midships for the creatives to express their highlights and memories. Our youthie watch leaders had their teams writing songs and tying knots until we were finally able to away anchor at 15:00.

During the first few hours the command team struggled but eventually rose up the to the task to get the boat moving. Setting some sails and a couple of terrific tacks in which I (Jenna) nearly lost my voice from shouting commands was what we needed to get us rolling. Massive shoutout to Masterchefs Grace, Charleigh and Waverley for a much needed and enjoyed meal, and thanks to Mack for documenting all the highlights and capturing us at our best and mostly our worst.

We are happy to announce that we are ahead of schedule in making it to each waypoint – we have already hit 2 of 4!

As much as we would love to stay and chat, there is sleep to be had and briefings to plan. Hope all you gravel grovelers have the good night’s sleep we are all missing.

Signing off,

Your favourite salty sailors Jenna and Mackaroni