Captain's Log
Voyage 07/23
1 April 2023

Day 6 – Bermagui to Sea

ARRRRRRGH, Ahoy there land lubbers.

Pinch and a punch for the first of the month!

We began our day finishing up out anchor watches, giving everyone a little more sleep and a break from our normal routine of watches. We were all awoken at 0630 to the blaring sound of ‘My Island Home’ and Evans cheerful voice. Breakfast was extraordinary as usual, brought to us by Chef Haydo and our Masterchefs. We then headed to our morning brief where White watch raised the flags for the youthies and staffies, and we and  the staffies sung a rendition of Advance Australia Fair to Working Class Man tune. We were all excited to head on land and feeling grass once more at Bermagui, NSW so we sped through happy hour cleaning and out the transport and run ashore brief. While waiting for our turn to head ashore as we engaged in the Macarena and Nutbush, all laughing and having a jolly ol’ time.

We spent the morning exploring Bermagui, enjoying the small things like a fresh hot coffee, fish and chips, swimming at the beach, cute dogs and shopping at woollies for snacks.

Fun fact of the day the ships name Plaque is hand crafted with flowers of every Australian state and territory and from the countries of the United Kingdom who gifted the YE to us!

For today’s lunch menu we had beef burger chicken pesto pasta bake. As we weighed Anchor we spotted a pod of dolphins.

We set off north to sail past Sydney in preparation for command day. Unfortunately no swimming as the water surrounding us is famous for its great whites as Bermagui was once a whaling town as it is located close to the continental shelf. All youthies gathered at midships to set the jib, main staysail, mainsail and topgallant staysail, great effort and teamwork from everyone. After today’s round of Ropies, all teams are neck and neck even with our attempt at acting out an advertisement for bonus points, coincidentally we all chose KFC as our ad, competition was fierce.

We are well on our way to Sydney, having passed Montague Island, and soon passing Ulladulla, with swells reaching 2 metres high. We are now passing around seasickness tablets and strapping our bunk meshes to keep us tucked in, desperately fighting to stay in bed and stay upright as we walk around on-board. And as usual, plates were flying as Haydo cooked us a meal short of nothing but delicious, complete with tim tam chocolate ripple cake and curried sausages at 1715.

We are now heading into the night, also while on our watches tonight, the blue and red watches we going to have to stay up longer as daylight savings comes to an end. We are writing while White Watch (Tom, Ben, Hunter Em, Mack, Anna, Ariyah and Kaitlyn) are starting the first watch (2000 to 0000) listening to music (Ariyah’s song Bottled Emotions- Rysiesss) keeping a good lookout, taking turns on the helm and doing rounds.

Stay Salty, from your Salty Seadogs,

Anna and Kaitlyn