Captain's Log
Voyage 07/23
29 March 2023

Day 3– Sea to Flinders Island

Good evening Shipmates,

This evening three Youth Crew have kindly volunteered to write the Captain’s Log, with their perspective on the day’s events. Take it away Thomas, Josh & Ethen:

The Youth crew woke up this morning bright and early after completing their first night watches.

Today’s weather was much colder than yesterday, but the youth crew got straight into work. Starting off with the formalities – the captain’s inspirational quote of the day, the daily agenda and then straight into ‘Happy Hour’: cleaning stations!

In the morning, there was a fantastic talk delivered by the Navigating Officer to the youth crew. They learnt about various methods of navigation and fixing the position of the vessel with printed charts.

At lunch we enjoyed freshly made rolls – courtesy of Chef Haydo. Divine! From there, some members of the youth crew enjoyed a good few hours of sleep, whilst red watch was called onto deck – conducting rounds and ensuring the safety of all crew.

Tommo once again raised the bar with his exquisite presentation skills: discussing the Sea Rules of the Road & Navigational Markers. Following this – under a healthy Bass Straight dew – we tackled tacking stations for the first time: manoeuvring the main forestay sail, jib and mainstay sail. Above this, we hoisted the main sail for the first time this voyage!

Following this, blue watch enjoyed an eventful and exciting afternoon on deck: furling and setting various sails as we came into our anchor point for the night – Flinders island! We could finally rest our 48 hours of constant transit, upon anchoring into safe harbour – allowing us for the first time to recover our ‘sea legs’.

Haydo once again outdid himself with “Haydo’s Famous Ol’ Pavlova”. Sparing no expense to the main course: a veritable feast of beef casserole, salmon and lamb cutlets served over delicious roast veggies. Shoutout to the Masterchefs: Tias, Tommy and Grace, for delivering a Michelin-star-worthy service.

To finish off the exhausting yet accomplishing day, we settled down under stars to enjoy each other’s company and get to know each other a little better.

As we write this, the youth crew is now preparing their early wakeups overnight for their ‘dog watch’ duties – always alert and ready to take on the adventures ahead!

Laughs have been shared, sails have been set and the Young Endeavour remains to be a grand adventure!

Signing off,

Thomas, Josh & Ethen