Captain's Log
Voyage 07/23
28 March 2023

Day 2 – Port Arlington to Sea

Ahoy there Shipmates,

The youth crew of V07/23 awoke to the soothing sounds of George Harrison’s “I’ve Got My Mind Set on You” (Sail Master Evan’s pick) at a crisp 0630 for a few brisk laps around the deck. After a scrumptious English breakfast provided by the magnificent chef, Hayden, the youth crew assembled on the deck for the Young Endeavour (YE) Working Aloft Harness Brief, followed by the YE Climbing Brief. Both were delivered by White Watch Leader Theresa. We then laid aloft to conduct First Climbs in our relatively sheltered anchorage.

Climbs were conducted efficiently, and I was pleased to see that most Youth Crew successfully climbed to the Top Gallant Yard on their first attempt. This was completed by 1100 and the crew then cleaned-up and proceeded to lunch.

The morning brief, which had become the afternoon brief, followed lunch and included a rundown of Evan’s Plan for the Day, Navigator Sebastian’s navigational Plan, to get us out of Port Phillip Bay, and his meteorological forecast for the day. Next was the Youth Crew’s first experience with Young Endeavour’s version of ‘Happy Hour’, where the youth crew give the internal living and working areas of the Ship a good clean. The Young Endeavour Ship’s brass bell also received a loving polish.

STS Youth Endeavour weighed anchor at 1330 and commenced the transit across Port Phillip Bay and through The Rip. During this transit the watches commenced Setting and Furling drills on some of the Staysails and continued Deck Safety training, supervised by their Watch Leaders. The crew also took the opportunity to conduct a couple of un-alerted exercises to assess that response times to alarms for Emergency Stations and Leaving Ship Stations were acceptable.

We exited The Rip at 1530, which coincided with slack water to facilitate an easier transit out of the bay for us. The Youth Crew then commenced watch keeping on the bridge which will be maintained through the night. Their duties will include steering the Ship, acting as Lookouts and conducting Engineering Rounds of the Ship, all of which will result in keeping the Ship safe through the night.

The plan is to continue on passage overnight and anchor at Flinders Island tomorrow evening.

Yours Aye, Captain Mike


38 45’ S / 144 57’ E


 Conditions: Wind-025/10 knots, Sea 0.5m, Swell from the South/1.0m Weather-fine and Temp-18 deg C