Captain's Log
Voyage 07/23
6 April 2023

Day 11 – Ceremonial Arrival and Farewells

Good morning Shipmates,

Sailmaster Ev’s final Wakey Wakey was another easy listening song so as not to jar the crew of YE from their deep slumber after a particularly tiring day of the Community Day Sail activities, end-of-voyage chats for the watches,  harbour furling the square sails, eating as much home made pizza, cooked by master chef Haydo, as we possibly could and knocking over final command day tasks including the Slide Show and song.

It was up on deck for a quick head count to make sure everyone was out of their ‘racks’ and then straight into the final,  thorough Happy Hour. Breakfast was followed by the morning brief on the plan for the day and then the Staff Crew attended a very moving thank you ceremony from the youth crew during which they read out tributes to each of the Staff Crew, detailing how they contributed to the youthies’ experience. Since everyone was both exhausted and and sleep deprived, it became quite an emotional occasion.

Navigator Seb piloted the Ship off the wharf at 0855, commencing the ‘victory lap’ out and around Fort Dennison. En route the YC kitted up with wet weather gear, due to the passing showers, and harnesses for the ceremonial arrival back at HMAS Waterhen. Sydney Harbour was busy as ever and we spent half our time dodging ferries and keeping out of the way of big ships.

We berthed back at Waterhen at 1000, after firing our ceremonial saluting guns, to the warm welcome from friends and family of the youthies, waiting on the wharf for us. Once we had secured the ship alongside we invited our guests onboard, allowed them a walk around the ship to see where the youthies had lived and worked for the last eleven days, and then we gathered everyone at midships. The Sail Master spoke about our adventures during the voyage and then I presented the Voyage Completion certificates to the youth crew. Finally I presented the Young Endeavour Award to Mollie Barnett for her outstanding hard work on in undertaking the voyage and her dedication to helping her fellow youth crew members to achieve their voyage goals.

We then farewelled the Youth Crew of V07/23 after a fantastic challenging and enjoyable voyage.

Have a great Easter, drive safely and thank you for following our adventures.

Yours, aye,

Captain Mike