Captain's Log
Voyage 06/23
22 March 2023

Day 9 – Farewell shipmates

Dear readers,

STS Young Endeavour is, by the definition and origin of her name, about Aussie youths trying hard to achieve something difficult. This voyage certainly provided that… and then some. A challenging experience from all angles and areas. Yet the Youth Crew prevailed and found success. They should therefore be justifiably proud of themselves for persevering, seeing the silver lining and never wavering in their mission to have a great adventure. I am very proud of all of them and I’m sure you are too!

9 Days ago 23 Youth Crew from all over Australia, came together to sail this vessel, have fun and challenge themselves. They have not only done that, but have faced and overcome fears, and learnt a lot about themselves and each other.

They leave with new skills, improved persistence, resilience and adaptability, as well as generally knowing they are more capable than what they probably thought. And of course, having made great new friends – most probably, friends for life. It never gets old for us staff members, as we truly love our work.

Fair winds and following seas.

Captain Adam Charlie Farley+