Captain's Log
Voyage 06/23
18 March 2023

Day 5 – Fine tuning our skills

Ahoy there shipmates and land dwellers, April, Mikayla, Madi and Wassa here to report the events of another day oboard Young Endeavour. We were ‘Rick Rolled’ this morning for wakey, wakey at 0630, with his famous song “Never gonna give you up!”.

We then headed to the café for breakfast where Haydo and his master chefs had breakfast beautifully prepared for us. Post breakfast we then gathered at the port side of the bridge for morning brief, in which provided us with detailed plans for the day. The crew then performed happy hour to ensure a sparkling ship. Then time was our own as we established deeper connections with one another, before heading to lunch which was grilled duck, chicken pasta-bake and, beef and halloumi wraps.

After, the incredible feed all the youthies headed to the main deck to start the third round of rope races conducted by the big man Sumo himself. Which then led to the utter defeat of the red watch who are currently sitting in last place. We moved onto a name tag game where you have a random name on the back of your shirt (which could be a celebrity, movie star or fictional character etc.) we then proceeded to walk around in circles trying to discover who was pinned to our backs.

Following this we were all introduced to Chucky’s challenges for the first time in history of Young Endeavour, then many of us chose to lay aloft the foremast of the ship where were pleasantly greeted by a school of dolphins passing by, which looked spectacular from above. All the watches gathered in the café upon Chucky’s command, to commence the start of the Trivia games between the watches. This sadly ended in the winning of Red Watch (The Portland Pirates).

We then all headed to dinner which was chicken kebabs, pork belly and pigs in blankets. Followed by a wonderful dessert of pavlova topped with chocolate mousse and sprinkles. After chow time, many youthies chose to climb the main mast which was a challenging and fun event for all. Youthies departed their own ways, once discovering their anchor watches for the night. Speaking of which we must get some get sleep now, goodnight all!

Goodnight from April, Mikayla, Madi and Wassa.

Shoutout to the Rigg Fam and to Hoogy, love you all, don’t miss me too much. Can confirm I chucked 10 times on day 3. No Ride Regret Baby!

Final shoutout to the Gomm Fam miss you all hope your surviving without me! (whoever told me I don’t suffer from seasickness is lying).