Captain's Log
V06/22 Geelong to Sydney
27 March 2022

Day 7 – JB to Watsons Bay

Ahoy there dear readers, what an action packed day of adventure it was today. Having remained at sea overnight we sailed up from Jervis Bay to arrive in Watsons Bay, coming to anchor around 1700 this evening.


Overnight, youth crew honed their navigation and sail handling skills, then at 1030 we conducted Rotational Tacks. This activity is designed to ensure everyone gets a taste of what everyone else does at tacking stations. Lunch was next before Demonstrational Tacks, whereby several members from each watch were given the bridge view of tacking the ship ie. what’s required and when, with running commentary from Dion the Sailmaster and yours truly.


On completion, it was time for each watch to prove their sail handling expertise through a validation activity to ensure all are safe and competent leading into Command Day. Hoppy the engineer and myself gave them a big old thumbs up and they gave themselves a well deserved pat on the back. All competent and safe.


The final pieces of the puzzle are now in place. We’ve set these youthies up for success… It’s now up to them.


I gave youth crew their Command Day brief, detailing what to expect and how things would roll… In short, they would receive navigation instructions and task list tomorrow at 1000 when we hand the ship over to them, and they would be required to follow said instructions and tasks for 24 hours, aiming to achieve as much as possible prior to handing back the ship 1000 Tuesday.


There was the usual amount of politiking over dinner, as you would expect… then at 1900, the elections began in earnest and I can happily announce the following Youth Crew elected positions:


Captain – Luke
Sailmaster – Henry
Navigator – Ethan
Watch Leaders – Landy, Alby and Yolanda
Chefs – Drue, Gracie and Adam.


Wowee. How exciting. To finish off the day in style we shared our favourite film with the youthies (including pop corn of course), before turning in. The ship will remain at anchor overnight with youth crew in anchor watches keeping us safe. Tune in tomorrow evening to see how their Command Day progresses.


Until then. Peace.


Captain Adam Charlie Farley+




33 50 S / 151 16 E


Weather: Overcast. Wind: Light and variable. Swell: Nil. Temp: 18.