Captain's Log
Voyage 05/23
2 March 2023

Day 4 – Into the Unknown

Day 4!! A few of us woke up well rested, others not so much. All rising to the sound of the Weather Girls and Raining Men over the loud speakers.

Our first colours ceremony then commenced run by White Watch (the best watch, obviously), the ANF, Indigenous Flag, Torres Straight Island Flag and the White Ensign were raised at exactly 8am after an amazing pipe performed by yours truly (it’s me Georgie – hi fam!). After a nice brekky of egg and bacon rolls or porridge and a lot of coffee we started our day with the morning meeting. We found we had a jam packed day of sailing and fun. To prepare for watches and command day, we had a nav briefing from the one, the only, the lovely Trevor.

After Happy Hour (the happiest hour of the day – the “best bunk” competition is rigged) we put on our harnesses to go aloft to release the gaskets on the square sails. Lots of people conquered their fears and climbed to the topgallant sail, while others made progress climbing out onto the lower yards. Our fellow White Watch Legend Phoebe refused to come down from the main mast, rumour has it she’s still up there.

Then a lovely lunch of lamb back strap, quiche, chicken kiev and salads. We had a very well-deserved rest before Rope Races round 3!!! WOOOOOHOOOOO! White Watch dominated the competition because we are the best and the strongest (don’t listen to the other watches).

It was then time to say bye to our wonderful anchorage spot near Shell Beach and to sail away from anchor into the unknowwwnnnnn. Oo boogie boogie. It went very well, so well in fact they trusted us to practice our tacking stations and learn about the other watches jobs (white watch definitely has it the hardest, we’re tough). Because we smashed that, the youthies had to take full control to set the squares (not the shape, the sails).

Our teamwork really shone through. Youthies were taking turns being “Sailmaster” and giving the orders and overall was a success. Dinner made us feel like we were in a fancy 5-star restaurant, with the menu consisting of: potato bake (YUMMMMM, we loved it), Asian duck with rice, steak and spag bol. AND we can’t forget about the choccy pudding…. bussin

It was then time for chill and sleep ready for our watches tonight! Once again White Watch got the tough one from 8-12 but we’re powering through.

We are sure this is the best Captain’s Log you’ve ever read.

You’re welcome.

Peace out, Inara and Georgie


Hey fam and friends! Miss you all heaps and heaps! So excited to tell you all about the incredible time I’m having! I’m safe and I’m very happy! See you in a week! Love INARA xxx

Hey peeps, yes I’m taking photos mother. Its super chill, but I finally get what you’re on about when you complain about instant coffee. See you soon, byeeeeee.