Captain's Log
V05/22 Adelaide to Geelong
5 March 2022

Day 6 – Western Port Bay

Ahoy dear readers, I write this on our approach to Western Port Bay with the intention of coming to anchor in the lee of Phillip Island at approx 2200. Gale force winds and a heavy swell is forecast in the Bass Strait for the next 12 hours or so, so our plan is to wait out the storm before making a run into Port Phillip, Monday or Tuesday. Anyway, looks like we’ve timed it well. Here is Sinta and Ash for tonights Captains Log. Enjoy.

Captain Adam Charlie Farley+


Ahoy there land lubbers! On Day 6 we were greeted by a cloudy sunrise and the echoing siren of ‘wakey wakey’, stirring us from our deep slumbers. Next we devoured our fair share of Ash’s golden potato gems and Gus’s sunny side up eggs (which he was very proud of).


Then we mustered on port side for a morning brief which involved a ‘live’ demonstration of the nautical origins of the phrase ‘son of a gun’. White Watch (also known as the White Warriors) settled back into their morning watch, where they were greeted by large pod of dolphins that were eager to entertain us for majority of the watch.


Next came the ‘happiest hour’ in which our youthies scrubbed down the decks of our beautiful brigantine to the tune of ACDC and sea shanties, until it was squeaky clean. Next we were all up on top deck to practise our setting, brailing and furling skills for our Commanding Officer Assessment which is to be held on Day 7.


In preparation for Command Day, each youthie had a chance to take charge of their Watch Group, to hone their abilities within a leadership position. We then mustered at mid-ships to participate in a deck game called ropey’s in which White Watch came out on top (which Ash and I were very happy about!). Lunch in the galley was scrumpdiddllyumptious (written by Ash, not Sinta) as per usual, with everyone eager to eat their fill with emptied stomachs courtesy of the rough swell the night before.


Next, Captain Charlie Farley consolidated our sailing theory surrounding pressure systems driving the triangular sails and propulsion driving the square sails. We finished off the day with another hearty meal of char sui pork, beef stroganoff and fried rice. Our sweet tooth cravings were satisfied by a creamy passionfruit cheesecake and ice cream. We concluded our day at sea with a lovely climb up the foremast to snap a picture of the calming setting sun.


From the enthusiastic (albeit exhausted) youthies, stay safe and stay well family and friends. Fair winds and following seas.


Yours aye,

Ashton Salisbury and Sinta Baker+


38 32 S / 144 57 E


Weather: Overcast. Wind: S @ 15-20. Swell: S @ 1m. Temp: 20.