Captain's Log
V05/22 Adelaide to Geelong
3 March 2022

Day 4 – Kangaroo Island

Ahoy dear shipmates,


Day 4 started off in Emu Bay with wakey wakey and some gentle laps of the midships followed by a tasty breakfast BBQ run by Sumo and Ash. The sunrise over Kangaroo Island was one of the best ones that we have seen so far.


After our daily morning briefing and being told to put on our bathers we were set loose to launch ourselves into the water from the rope swing that was attached to the course yard and being able to jump off of the bowsprit.


Today was a day for collecting laundry from the day prior and replacing it with some new freshly washed bathers. After all of that fun and excitement we went into cleano’s and we broke up into our groups for getting parts of the ship sparkly clean.


After a lovely lunch cooked by Ash the head chef, we went into ropies, where one member from each watch competed with each other to find a part of the ship e.g. the EPIRB first. Following the game of ropies, we were instructed to meet at midships to learn about naval navigation from the ship’s navigator Evan. This included an explanation of longitude and latitude, navigating by RADAR, visual fixing, and astronomical fixing.


Upon completion we split into watches and practised setting and furling sails. After a few times where the watch leaders instructed us in how to set and furl, members of the watches took the role of watch leader. For example in blue watch, Lauren and Will practised the commands with help from the voyage handbooks. After a few tries the watch leader youthies had what to say down pat.


After this we set the main staysail as one group formed by all of the watches. Following setting the main staysail, we were allowed a long break where activities included cards, playing the guitar, and socialising with each other. We were treated to a lovely dinner made by Ash, where the options were chicken with chips and chipotle, and a rogan josh with rice and raita.


Will Daniels and Rueben Rosario+


36 24 S / 138 41 E


Weather: Partly cloudy. Wind: 110 @ 10. Swell: S @ 0.5m. Temp: 20.