Captain's Log
V05/22 Adelaide to Geelong
28 February 2022

Day 1 – Welcome Aboard

Ahoy there shipmates, landlubbers and armchair sailors, it was a great pleasure to meet the lovely youth crew of Voyage 05B/22 today in sunny (albeit threatened by thunderous and stormy skies) Port Adelaide comprising 18 Aussie youth, from Victoria, NSW and SA.

They embarked at 1500 with a few family members in tow, who came to inspect the ship and the staff crew, and to farewell their loved ones for the next 10 days. I told them to rest assured, we would take very good care of their young sailors, as we have a skilled and experienced staff crew for this voyage… Namely:

Sail Master – Tori.

Navigator – Evan.

Watch Officer – Charles.

BOATSO – Mike.

White Watch Leader – Matty.

Blue Watch Leader – Theresa.

Assistant Blue Watch Leader – Jarod.

Red Watch Leader – Shaun.

Chef – Ash. Engineer – Sumo.

On completion of the welcome and crew introductions, we farewelled family and friends and Watch Leaders kicked off the program with ice breakers and ships’ tours, then a little time to unpack. A ripper dinner was served, then the Youth Crew were mustered at midships, where Tori spoke to them about youth crew responsibilities and a few ‘guidelines’ to ensure communal harmony and unconditional positive regard for all. We are an intergalactic good vibes zone, don’t you know! Then I spoke to them about what to expect over the next 10 days and ways to ensure maximum involvement in the program. Simply, to ‘get amongst it’, was the key.

Youth crew were then introduced to their harnesses by way of safety briefing then buddy checks and a climbing demonstration before we commenced our first night climbs. Each watch took turns at climbing then when back on deck, their seamanship training began, consisting of line handling, safety and general principles. I have to say that I am very proud of each and every one of them tonight, they definitely gave it their all. Great stuff.

It’s going to be a big day tomorrow, and so our wonderful young crew turned in for a well deserved first nights sleep. Intention is to remain alongside overnight, departing at 1000 to exit the river and out into Gulf St Vincent. The adventure has begun… I wonder where we’ll be this time tomorrow night?

Good night and stay safe.

Captain Adam Charlie Farley+