Captain's Log
3 January 2013

V05/13 – Day 6 – Jervis Bay to Sea

Ahoy there Shipmates, Overnight the ship remained at anchor in beautiful Jervis Bay. Through the night the Youth Crew remained in sea watches and got up for a couple of hours of their watch to undertake a teamwork exercise known as the BEAREX, the aim of which is to provide the watches with a challenging activity which draws out the natural leaders in the group. This is beneficial because it helps the Youth Crew to know who to elect into the various Command Team positions for Command Day. Following a wakey wakey song from Red Watch (attached), the Ship weighed anchor at 0730 and moved to an anchorage off Huskisson to facilitate the watches going ashore to the local cafes to undertake mid-voyage chats to assess the progress towards completion of voyage goals and update them if necessary. The weather wasn’t conducive to doing this on the beach near our original anchorage. Before heading ashore to Huskisson we held the Morning Brief which included performances by Salty (Tim), Bully-Beef (Dougie) and Nana (Horto), as well as my interesting quote of the day. The watches’ return boat trip to the Ship were a little more exciting as the wind and swell had picked-up during the morning. On return we enjoyed another of Luke’s delicious lunches before weighing anchor and proceeding into the centre of the bay to conduct Demonstrational Tacks, where the watches come up to the bridge to observe what happens when the Ship Tacks or Wears-ship. On completion we exited Jervis Bay and commenced our passage north. The intention is to remain at sea overnight en route to Port Hacking, our intended anchorage for tomorrow, continuing the adventure that is Young Endeavour. Until tomorrow, take care. Yours Aye Captain MikeRED WATCH WAKEY WAKEY SONG FOR FRIDAY 01 MAR 13 7am waking up in the morning Gotta be fresh gotta go upstairs Gotta have my shoes, gotta have my breakfast Luke’s got my cereal, bacon and eggs Hope I didn’t bring it up again, everybody’s rushing Gotta get up to the bridge Gotta catch my watch leader and see my friends. Jumping off the bow Sitting at the stern Gotta make up my mind Which side of the ship I take It’s Friday, Friday Gotta get up on Friday Everybody’s waiting for Command Day Haven’t got time to sleep in, sleep in Wakey Wakey, yea yea Wakey Wakey, yea yea Wakey Wakey it’s FRIDAY.


34° 52' South / 150° 56' East


Today was showery but not too cold. Another cold front passed through the area at midday, bringing with it cooler temperatures and higher winds, which generated an easterly swell in the bay of 1.5 metres. The wind remained southerly and freshened to 25-30 knots, excellent sailing conditions.