Captain's Log
3 June 2013

V05/13 Day 11 – Final Day

Ahoy there Shipmates, Sail Master Rick woke the crew at 0600 for the promised sunrise climb which didn’t disappoint. The pink glow of the sun reflected off the sails of the Opera House was breath-taking. After a snappy morning brief, at which Salty and Bully-Beef put in a brief final appearance and Navigator Caitlin gave us some of the following interesting statistics on things consumed and achieved during the voyage: 497 nautical miles sailed/steamed, 77 hours underway, 797 eggs, 80 litres milk, 32 litres of ice cream, 2000 litres of diesel fuel, ran enough cooling water through the engines to fill 3 Olympic swimming pools. We did a final Happy Hour and then the Youth Crew commenced climbing aloft to the yards to enter Woolloomooloo Bay. This tradition, along with the firing of the Ship’s cannons on entering a port, was explained at the morning brief. The origin of the tradition goes back to the early days when warships entered a friendly port to demonstrate their peaceful intent they fired all their guns to prove the barrels were unloaded then put their gun crews aloft to show they could not be re-loaded. The crew were ready and we entered Woolloomooloo Bay, firing the cannon abeam Mrs Macquarie’s Chair and then berthed alongside the Fleet Base at 1000. Families and Friends, who were on the wharf to watch and film the arrival, were invited onboard as soon as we were secured alongside. Once all the crew were back on deck we gathered everyone together and Rick and I said a few words on the voyage before presenting the Youth Crew with their voyage certificates. I then announced that Jessica Turner was the winner of the Order of Australia medallion for the voyage. This award recognises that during the voyage Jess ‘always did her best regardless of success or failure. She displayed a spirit of friendship by supporting each of her fellow Youth Crew to achieve their personal goals throughout the challenges, hardships and good times encountered over the duration of the voyage.’ We then gave our farewell hugs and handshakes and bid the Youth Crew of Voyage 05/13 goodbye and good luck. Yours aye, Captain Mike “ 


33° 51' South / 151° 13' East


Fine, sunny wind NE 5-10 kn, nil swell and temp 24 deg. C