Captain's Log
Voyage 04/23
20 February 2023

Day 8 – Fun on the Fleurieu

Ahoy there dear readers, the morning of day 8 found the ship sailing into St Vincent Gulf from Kangaroo Island and Investigator Strait, having conducted teamwork and leadership exercises overnight. At 0700, Josh the Engineer and I commenced sail handling validation of all the watches, to ensure their competence and safety, leading into Command Day, and I can happily say that all of our sea puppies passed with flying colours demonstrating excellent skills and safety standards, as well as good command and control.

With that achieved, I put them through their paces once again with a ‘Captain’s Challenge’ whereby all fore and aft sails were to be set and yards braced, setting up a standard sail plan, on their own with staff supervising only. This activity is designed to allow each watch to work together and Youthies have the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities, which may come in handy during tonight’s elections…

Once more, Youth Crew came together and accomplished their mission within the time frame set, thereby achieving success. I congratulated them all before announcing that it all had to be handed-in, as we needed to proceed to anchor… and without missing a beat, Youth Crew did as directed, safety and swiftly handing-in sail and we thus came to anchor in Rapid Bay on the Fleurieu Peninsula, letting out 5 shackles of chain (140m) to hold us in place, in preparation for forecast windy conditions overnight.

Haydo then had a scrumptious meal ready for everyone and after woofing it down, we had an afternoon brief before getting stuck into cleaning stations. Once the ship was cleaned to Dion’s satisfaction, we launched the seaboat and Youthies went ashore to explore the rugged coastline, studded with caves and cliffs.

After a refreshing dip and some fun beach games, Youthies returned onboard a couple of hours later, to a BBQ dinner followed by Command Day brief and elections…

Yes, it’s that time of the voyage as Command Day will take place tomorrow morning at 1000, when I hand over the keys to Youth Crew elected Captain Noah from Melbourne, supported by the following elected positions:

Sail Mistress – Jaz,

Navigators – Oli and Ed,

Watch Officer – AJ,

Watch Leaders – Tarsh, Hannah, Maddy

and most important of all…

Chefs – Grace, Jack and Dan.

Congratulations all, I know you will serve your crew well. Then with excitement in the air, we screened our favourite movie and afterwards, everyone turned-in for the night. Keep safe and tune-in tomorrow night to see how our Youthies fare when they take Command.

Yours Aye,

Captain Adam Charlie Farley+



35 26 S / 138 14 E


Weather: Fine. Wind: SE @ 30. Swell: Nil. Temp: 18