Captain's Log
17 February 2024

Day 7 – Sea to Patonga Anchorage

Greetings from the sea!

The day began dark and foggy with the beautiful sunrise captured by the eyes of White Watch. They successfully looked after the ship through the early morning until 0800. From there, each watch underwent the Captain’s setting and furling of sails. This was a test without our watch leaders to prove we could successfully and safely command the ship in preparation for Command Day. In positive news, all watches passed with flying colours. Hazaah!

To test the youthies teamwork, Captain Mike set us a tough challenge. In 50 minutes, we had to sea-furl all three of the square-sails and mainsail by youthies laying aloft on the foremast and mainmast while simultaneously furling the fore and aft sails. This prepared us to anchor in another part of Broken Bay, Patonga Beach.

Ash served up a storm, once again, preparing us for a snappy rendition of happy hour (we shine bright like a diamond).

Getting into our feels, we completed the ‘Stop, Start, Continue’ reflection exercise to acknowledge our areas of growth whilst on Young Endeavour and hope to take back with us. We can’t wait to receive these in our letterboxes in six months’ time to remind us of the joyous voyage we have experienced.

The RHIBs came out once more to transport us to solid ground where we walked our sea-legs off, and hugged numerous trees. We hiked to a lookout point along the Great Northern Walk, where we could view our beautiful home from afar. After enjoying a refreshing beverage at a civilised establishment, we returned to the mother-ship to avast our hunger.

Captain Mike then gathered the youthies to provide a brief regarding Command Day which is due to commence at 1300 tomorrow. We elected ten capable youthies to lead the pack into awaiting adventures – see you soon Sydney!

In appreciation of our tall ship adventure, we viewed the 1929 passage of the approximately 100-metre-long square-rigged ship ‘Peking’ in the film ‘Around Cape Horn’. It showed impressive sail capabilities and inspired us youthies.

We leave you in good spirits to complete our anchor watches – ‘till tomorrow you lovely people!

Daily rating: 9 camels and a donkey

Ingrid (Watch Officer) and Jess (Navigator)

Sam – dot-dot-dot-dot dot-dot (‘hi’ in morse code)

Matt – Hi Mummy!! xox

Jasper – Peace, love, and open ocean!


33 33.5' S / 151 16.9' E


Weather: fine; Wind: 315 / 8 Knots; Swell: Nil; Temp: 23 deg. C